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Ray Frye  (Send me an email to start your road to improved productivity.)

Employment Overview:  Extensive experience designing and implementing computers solutions for a wide variety of companies/organizations.

English is my native language.

I only consider projects where I expect the success rate to be 100%.  For these select projects I am certain my skill set matches the requirements of the project and that the project owner and I have an immediate communication connection.  I choose my projects and clients as carefully as I am chosen as a service provider.

Once committed the project is my near full time job until delivered and accepted.  Did I mention I am a card carrying, no intentions of recovering, workaholic?

Once delivered my code/application is guaranteed forever, if my code ever stops working for whatever reason I will analyze the problem and fix it at no charge.  My clients are not just satisfied with my deliverables they are ecstatic with my work products.  I have references in the US and the UK that will attest to my skills and work ethic.

Links to my work products

Most recent web sites:  (ASP, SQL Server or Access shopping cart)

CLICK HERE to Check out our Screen Shots for Customizable Lytec Reports.

Lytec (Doctor) reports (Lytec made better with custom reports) (demo of a cool awards system)  (Display iTunes songs in Excel, VBA Coding example - Free Download)

Database Management Example (A functional Admin example for a database admin section) (This is a demo of my handy Forum, Bulletin Board, Ticket System, etc.)   (Complex JavaScript Example) (PowerPoint example)

Excel GUI Example (Down load an Excel GUI application, open with Excel - make sure macros are enabled to view the application.  This application is designed for a doctors office to view patient information.)

Access Example (Down load an Access address book that supports printing to a Rolodex card, VBA Coding example)

Accounting System (See the current status of your cash flow at a glance, see the impact on your cash flow of future budget items that are pending.  All on one easy to read screen.




United States Air Force

Responsible for the hardware and software maintenance of communication systems, missile guidance systems, radar and computer systems.

Honorably discharge, a disabled Veteran.



  Bachelor of Science

Completed a number of management and technical classes including desktop tools, UNIX, AIX, team building, leadership, first line supervisor, middle management, cost accounting, quality control, ISO9000, SEI, Arizona State University Executive Extension and Software Engineering to mention a few.



Computer Hot Shot


Web HTML, CSS, Windows-NT/2000/XP, Acces, SQL Server, Active Server Pages (ASP), Dynamic HTML, and connecting Legacy databases to the web.

Specialize in consulting to HTML content providers that have a need for dynamic web pages or a web connection to a relational database. VBA Excel, connecting relational databases to Excel.  Designed, implemented, integrated, tested, and deployed a number of dynamic web pages for content providers (HTML designers).  Clients are worldwide including North America and the United Kingdom.

Black Tie Funding Group

Vice President, Research and Development Financial Software

Established a complex web based application to collect information from potential clients via web forms. In addition to collecting the information a credit report was pulled in real time and presenting to the user an opportunity to explain issues found on the credit report.

4506T (the document to allow companies to pull IRS tax forms) are E-Signed and the information is sent to the IRS.  Black Tie was one of two beta sites for the IRS Income Verification Express System (IVES) which supports the electronic return of tax information.  The IRS information was converted to XML and the data sent to a SQL server database.  We were the first company to successfully pull IRS information electronically using an Electronic Signature.

Company folded when banker investor passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack.


Various Technical/Management Positions

Hired and staffed the technical positions, defined the technical training requirements, created processes and procedures to quickly respond to customer requirements.

Developed technical responses to customer Request For Proposals (RFPs).

Responsible for an organization of senior technical staff. Led a major budget and staffing reorganization leading to a major division reorganization.

Led a cross-functional team of project managers and project engineers to introduce a new version of a large-scale operating system.  The release was distributed on schedule and under budget.

Managed senior project engineers with responsibilities ranging from the Product Roadmap to process improvement.  Successful implemented a number of new software development processes.

Managed a team of software developers, key areas included a new operating system file system and peripheral allocation modules.  Established a plan for the introduction of the new file system, the advanced code was successfully introduced to the operating system.

Managed a team of software testers and software editors. A major accomplishment was the introduction of a new methodology for releasing corrections.