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Report #2 Practice:   Payment Analysis by Patient/Billing Number 

Report #27 Practice:  Composite Line Item Report

Report #26 Practice:  Line Item Charges/Payments

Report #5 Practice: Billing 99213 to 99215 Analysis   

Report #6 Practice:   Appointments At A Glance 
            #7 - From "Appointments At A Glance" You Can View Appointments on A Specific Date
            #8 - From "A Specific Date" You Can View the Appointment History of Specific Patient

Report #9 Practice:   Appointments Missed/Cancelled  
          #10 - From "Appointments Missed/Cancelled" You Can View a Specific Time Slot
          #11 - From "A Specific Date" You Can View the Appointment History of Specific Patient

Report #17 Practice:  Patient Referral Analysis 

Report #22 Practice:  Referring Physician Report 

Report #25 Practice:  Transaction Codes/Diagnosis Codes Search 

Report #28 Practice:  Recall

Report #28 Practice:  Recall Criteria

Report #4 Practice:   Patient Age Analysis 

 Report #1 Practice Management Custom Field Analysis   Power User!  

Special Practice:                              

This report is provided free of charge as clients often contact me indicating that the information provided in my report does NOT match the Practice Management report. What I find after analysis is that Practice Management has dates that are incorrect, the Practice Management Software at some point allowed these bad dates to be input to the Practice Management Database.

This report identifies suspect dates that need to be reviewed, where possible I try and identify the type of date error.  But sometimes the error is one that I have not seen before because of the diversified environments for the Practice Management software.

Every date field in Practice Management Database is checked, so the report appears to run forever for a small to medium environment.  On Large implementations of Practice Management the report will appear to run forever and a day.  
Fear NOT, if all is quiet for a very long time the report is running and will finish.

This report should be run if a report provided by does not match the report from the Practice Management Software.

If after running this report and fixing any date errors there are still problems where my report does not match the Practice Management report; let me know and I can determine the issue

This report only needs to be run once when you first get it and then every major checkpoint you'd like to establish.

Practice Management Date Integrity Check